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Booking simplified


Product Info

The first of its kind, this technological solution aggregates flights from ten airline companies in one platform. Anyone can go to this site and search for flights and find aggregated results from different airlines. Travellers can compare prices of flights and choose different destinations through guzogo Previously, they had to go to the websites of different airlines but guzogo provides simplified flight solutions. Guzogo also integrates eleven banks. Not only that it also incorporates more than twenty payment options. This eases the payment mechanism for travellers and allows them to book and pay for flights using guzogo. Millions of transactions take place in this platform as it affords simplicity and convenience for customers.
  • Category: Travel
  • Website: guzogo.com
  • Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Cash Go

Your money,
your move


Product Info

First of its kind, this is a platform for remittance and crowdfunding. Previously, Ethiopia relied upon external remittance institutions like Western Union and Union Pay. With Cashgo, we have given our customers the option to transmit money from any part of the world. People would not need to go to banks and wait in long queues to receive the money sent for them. Through Cashgo customers can access their bank accounts, credit card or debit card through their mobile phones to send money from anywhere in the world to any account of their choosing in Ethiopia. Additionally, it has a feature where organizations and companies who want to donate can do so using the application. It has hugely simplified the process of sending money and made it comfortably convenient as well. All this is done while charging a very modest fee, making it a win-win situation for our customers.
  • Category: Finance, Campaign
  • Website: cashgopay.com
  • Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Its My Dam

Reuniting Ethiopia


Product Info

Ethiopia is working towards building Africa's largest hydroelectric dam, the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. GERD unifies our diverse country and will offer a great opportunity to meet the demands of electricity. Eaglelion contributes to the construction of the dam through the Its my dam platform. This application allows diasporas who wants to contribute to the dam to donate money. By collaborating with Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, we have devised a platform where it is easy for people to donate and make their contribution to the construction of GERD.
  • Category: Donate, Campaign
  • Website: itismydam.et
  • Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Reserve from Where You Are


Product Info

GetRooms is our latest application. Being available both on Android and iOS, get room allows our customers to choose from plethora of hotels in Ethiopia, from one star to five stars. Detailed and verified information is displayed on your phone and you can choose your preference with a simple click. What makes GetRoom different is it affords customers to deliver payments with their mobile. Hotels often struggle with customers standing them up after booking and not showing up. Through GetRoom hotels will receive payments from their booking customers as the application is connected with banks. Customers can pay using mobile banking, internet banking or credit card either from within Ethiopia or from across the world. Customers can also access discounted fees and deals. GetRoom have this feature where it displays discounted prices and ideal fees for customers making it the most suitable application to place your booking
  • Category: Hotel, Tourism
  • Website: getrooms.me
  • Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Learn Anywhere

schoolofcloud logo

Product Info

School of Cloud is the first Digital school and Educational Marketplace in Ethiopia which is fully owned and managed by EagleLion System Technology P.L.C with its vision to support the Ethiopian education sector which has a huge impact in ones country economic and social growth. Here influential Ethiopians from different professional background will share their knowledge and life experience. Inaddition Students can enroll to take video aided classes per their grade level and get certified.
  • Category: Education
  • Website: schoolofcloud.com
  • Location: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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